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Quick Green Fixes For Your Pre-Wedding (& Holiday!) Entertaining

December 19, 2013

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One of the things that I love about weddings is the parties and celebrations that often come before the big day. It’s not uncommon for these events to be held in a family or friend’s home and can create an intimate and cozy atmosphere for your guests and the guest of honor. The down side to in-home entertaining is that it almost always comes with piles of paper and plastic. Rarely do hosts have enough china & flatware for everyone and in its place are disposable plates, cups, forks & knives. Eventually they end up in a trash bag and on their way to a landfill.
It’s fairly simple, however, to replace these common items with those that are environmentally-friendly.
​You can easily replace the typical paper and plastic plates and utensils with some really great eco-friendly alternatives like those made from bamboo and fallen leaves. Companies like Bambu, Leafware & Ver Terra make very stylish dinnerware that is non-toxic, made without chemicals and 100% compostable.  Say goodbye to the beloved Solo Cup and try a Greenware compostable cup made entirely from plants, not petroleum.
Paper napkins can easily be more eco-friendly by choosing recycled brands. But, why not take it one step further and choose fabric napkins instead. Dot & Army sells a wide variety of beautiful, eco-friendly cloth napkins at their Etsy store. Consider this purchase an investment, and you’ll be saving not just the planet but money in the long run.
‘Tis the season, and just like any pre-wedding party, holiday entertaining can produce unnecessary waste.
​Consider ringing in the New Year with a little less of an impact. Leafware also offers a “Holiday Pack” that includes 2 serving platters and enough plates, bowls and utensils for 25 guests. This makes it a lot easier to choose sustainable entertaining, and to plan!

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